SIGNUM saxophone quartet | CD BALKANICATION (2015)
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Many years ago when Alan came to SIGNUM, he always told us stories about his good friend Nikola from his time studying in Vienna. So one day we decided to play some music for accordion and saxophone quartet, just for fun! This was the inception of a new musical journey. Nikola sometimes came to our place in Cologne and we played some Balkan-Folk Tunes and one day we got an invitation to play our first concert together. It was just incredible: so free, so inspiring!
Nikola breathed new life into our quartet und we knew it at the first moment: we want to play together!
That’s how SIGNUMfive was born.
But there’s more to come: we thought it might be a great idea to support our emotional music not only with accordion, but also with drums.
And that is how it came, that for the first big BALKANICATION concert in the Philharmonic Hall Cologne in 2012, we got a drummer: Volker!

After two years of searching for a new sounds, testing our music on the stages and refine our different parts in the band, we recorded OUR FIRST ALBUM – BALKANIZATION!

MUSIC BY: Leitinger, Dönmezer, Iturallde, Djoric

Blaz Kemperle, soprano saxophone
Erik Nestler, alto saxophone
Alan Luzar, tenor saxophone
David Brand, baritone saxophone+tubax
Nikola Djoric, accordion
Volker Reichling, drums