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The film follows a classical saxophone quartet to Angola, Africa and tries to capture the mysterious
and enchanting feeling called Saudade.
Members of a classical saxophone quartet travel to Angola, Africa, to carry out a workshop with
students of a local music school. Although their mission is to bring their knowledge and experience to
others, they end up leaving with important knowledge and experience themselves. The film follows
the four musicians and takes the viewer on a meditative and exploring paths through Angola
accompanied by classical and contemporary compositions.

The title of the film – SAUDADE – is a Portuguese word used to describe a vague and constant desire
for something that does not and probably cannot exist, for something other than the present.
Last year I had a chance to travel to Angola, Africa with four classical musicians, film their journey
and try capturing saudade.


The challenging events around the globe, which have hit us so unexpectedly, forced us into seclusion and social isolation. These circumstances, so unfamiliar to most of us, bring a lot of confusion, uncertainty and unwanted change to everyone.
But let us not forget the reason we are all staying at home!
It is solidarity to those, who need the medical resources the most and who would not survive this crisis without it and to prevent more drastic dimensions of this global pandemic.
In the moments when we feel lonely, weak and forgotten, we should not give into these feelings and let them make us panic!
We should use them to realize, what we need most of all to survive and to stay sane in this world, is each other and the ability to tread this earth freely.
We can try and see this as a reminder of how small and connected our planet really is and how fragile the reality we have created for ourselves.
Let us not let fear be our guide, but a wish and a will to do our best to make the future better for all fellow human beings!
This is not an easy time for anyone and it neither is for us. We are not able to meet our colleagues and to do what we enjoy the most – to create music.
But we are not giving up. Let this be our small contribution for a better tomorrow.

So all together,
Vsi skupaj,
Tutti insieme,
Բոլորով միասին,
be strong and breathe in.


At the end of January and at the beginning of February we have been privileged to attend the amazing festival La Folle Journee in Nantes! It has been our comeback to the festival after the edition in 2015. As the theme of the festival this year was “Voyages” we deciced to present versatile program of works from J.S.Bach, A. Ginastera, L. Bernstein, C. Corea.

First we have played two concerts in La Folle Journee en Region(Savenay, La Lude) and after 4 concerts in Nantes!

They were many remarkable moments in a week there, but to name two, it would be big opening of the festival on 28th(we played Ginastera and Corea) and two visits at hospitals where we have given charity concerts.

On many many years La Folle Journee!