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Eine superschöne Begegnung!
Ein großes Dankeschön an die Schüler von Anno Gymnasium Siegburg (Martin Halbfsa, Julia Koziarowski, Nadine Prahl, Giulia Bornée, Paula Kellermann, Luzie Kohrs, Hannah Wagner, Catrin Müller, Ciara Borgards, David Ehrhardt, Tanja Dünnwald, Kaila Borgards, Severin Baltes), Marion Dietrich (Beethovenfest Bonn) und David Lužar! auf #ewiguns

SIGNUM in Angola 2017

Wir sind sehr froh und dankbar, dass uns das Goethe Institut wieder eingeladen hat. Diesmal geht nach Angola. Im Jahr 2013 waren wir schon in Pakistan - und die Erfahrung werden wir einfach nie vergessen. Es ist doch was ganz anderes, in solchen Länder die Konzerte zu spielen, zulassen, dass sich die zwei unterschiedliche Kulturen tatsächlich begegnen! Pakistan 2013 war für uns echt eine einmalige Erfahrung und deswegen können wir kaum erwarten, dass wir bald nach Angola reisen. Wir werden in Angola ehrenamtlich mit den Kindern arbeiten und drei Konzerte spielen.
25MAY2017 FABRICA DE SABAO CAZENGA/LUANDA, ANGOLA Mehr Informationen finden sie here.


SIGNUM saxophone quartet Blaž Kemperle Sopransaxophon Erik Nestler Altsaxophon Alan Lužar Tenorsaxophon Guerino Bellarosa Baritonsaxophon Letizia Renzini Konzept, Kreation, Regie Visuals Alex Kirsch Konzept, Co-Kreation, Projektleitung Mario Monopoli Schauspielcoach, Regie Bühne Didier Brun Lichtdesign Simon Busch Soundtechnik, Arrangements "Stand by me" - the SIGNUM sound experience Visuelles Konzert für Kinder ab 6 Mit jugendlicher Energie und ausgefallenen Ideen sorgt das SIGNUM saxophone quartet seit vielen Jahren für frischen Wind in den europäischen Konzertsälen und auf Festivals. Aber auch ihre Projekte für Kinder nehmen bei den vier Musikern einen wichtigen Platz im Kalender ein. Jetzt stellen sie ein neues Musiktheaterstück vor. Es heißt „Stand by me – the SIGNUM sound experience“ und ist ein visuelles Konzert über Klang, Phantasie und Freundschaft. Eine Produktion von KölnMusik, Philharmonie Luxembourg und dem SIGNUM saxophone quartet keine Pause | Ende gegen 12:00 Gefördert durch das Kuratorium KölnMusik e.V.


One day before the concert in Ljubljana, we had the possibility to get to know young saxophonists from Conservatory and University in Ljubljana.
If I am getting precise, 2 beautiful quartets and soloists! Let us say even better, amazing People!!! you will not believe it, but they play for us.- It was great!
So much energy and joy making music together and let us be honest – so good in shape that I thought, that they will play until after tomorrow.
But,… I have to say something.
I do not like the word teacher. I do not like it at all. It is way to conservative, although maybe there are some philosophers out there, who are going to say, that the first philosophers were teachers already.
Coach sounds better. But still… Someone is going to say, that it is only in football to be a Coach, to get coached. So I suggest- If you like the word Coach or not – decide it alone!
It reminds me on Motivator. But as the word say, the Motivator should motivate. So I do not like it anymore. Why? Because it is not honest. In my opinion Motivator should sometimes also demotivate in order to motivate. And you see. I do not like this word as well.
So guys, should we give up and say to him Motivator?
No, never give up. Let us say to him
– a Chance.
Chance and possibility(the word is way to long!!!)
The Chance to give some small Inspiration, some pepper and salt,some chilly, some good or bad Sound- an idea. To create atmosphere what was before and what will happen after it. To believe.
And on the other had the possibility(not to Long anymore!) to be enlarged, to be taken, to could not believe what for beautiful sounds they play together.
It was this feeling in Ljubljana one day before the concert!
Honestly I got pretty nervous before this concert, beacuse it is my home town in the most beautiful country in the world. But after hearing this amazing musicians one day before, I knew it. I will not screw it up! They gave so much power and Inspiration.
That is why I want to say thanks to beautiful talents in Ljubljana.
Hope to hear you all soon (thanks for recordings) and to meet up for a coffee again.

yours, alan


A collabaroation is always different – hard enough to keep our four opinions together… but sometimes you meet artists and you know recently you want – you have! – to work together.
That’s what happened in the case of our collaboration with composer, sounddesigner and pianist Nils Frahm.
I met him at one of his Gigs in Michelberger Hotel Berlin a few month ago and by the way: this place was so fantastic! He presented a new Piano open-air to the audience. When he started to play and his music was melting with the surrounding nature sounds – created mainly by the wind and the birds – it was an absolutely unique and mindblowing atmosphere in the air. Silence got a new meaning for me on that evening…
After the concert we talked a lot about music and life. He is really fanatic about sound and its possibilities… I showed him some of our recodings and we made plans for a little jam on the next day, where we developed the idea to collaborate in the Cologne Philharmonic Hall on his track “hammers”. We arranged it together and he gave us a lot of space for individual things and improvisation-stuff.
When I arrived in the Phil yesterday, I could hardly remeber where I am. He builded up an xtraodinary black setting – even with perfect lights surrounding us.
After we played some bars together…it just happened and developed on it’s own way.
Big Thank you to Nils and of course his fantastic audience. I am sure it was not the last concert together!
Music, Peace and Love to all of you and hopefully we see again soon!

David Brand