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Eine superschöne Begegnung!
Ein großes Dankeschön an die Schüler von Anno Gymnasium Siegburg (Martin Halbfsa, Julia Koziarowski, Nadine Prahl, Giulia Bornée, Paula Kellermann, Luzie Kohrs, Hannah Wagner, Catrin Müller, Ciara Borgards, David Ehrhardt, Tanja Dünnwald, Kaila Borgards, Severin Baltes), Marion Dietrich (Beethovenfest Bonn) und David Lužar! auf #ewiguns

“Ensemble Preis 2016” Festspiele Mecklenburg Vorpommern

  Part of the Family. We are very happy the be awarded with "Ensemble Preis 2016" by Nordmetall Stiftung. It means a lot to us, not only because we are the first saxophone quartet to receive it but also we feel honored to be in a row with exceptional artists who have won it in the past already and whom we admire a lot. Thank you for the trust in our group and our music and Marcus Fein for the touching Laudations. Part of the prize is also to be a member of the big Festspiele Mecklenburg Vorpommern Family and to realize interesting projects in the future what we are looking forward to the most. Let's have a great time together!

SIGNUM in Angola 2017

Wir sind sehr froh und dankbar, dass uns das Goethe Institut wieder eingeladen hat. Diesmal geht nach Angola. Im Jahr 2013 waren wir schon in Pakistan - und die Erfahrung werden wir einfach nie vergessen. Es ist doch was ganz anderes, in solchen Länder die Konzerte zu spielen, zulassen, dass sich die zwei unterschiedliche Kulturen tatsächlich begegnen! Pakistan 2013 war für uns echt eine einmalige Erfahrung und deswegen können wir kaum erwarten, dass wir bald nach Angola reisen. Wir werden in Angola ehrenamtlich mit den Kindern arbeiten und drei Konzerte spielen.
25MAY2017 FABRICA DE SABAO CAZENGA/LUANDA, ANGOLA Mehr Informationen finden sie here.

PRESS: “Applause for the bright energy of SIGNUM and Martynas Levickis ”

“[…] Loud exaltation following the first piece on stage by SIGNUM saxophone quartet during their concert on Thursday night. The Big Hall of the Theatre was full with different audiences, which – lost in their admiration for Bach’s Italian concert – decided to ignore the established rule not to clap after each piece and loudly applauded the musicians during the whole concert […] The saxophone quartet and the magic of the accordionist presented to the audience a true miracle. Vivaldi’s “For Seasons” and Piazzolla’ s “Four Seasons of Buenos Aires” sounded like a faithful curtsy to the authors, combined with a delicate and artistic banter in the interpretation….”